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Michael Jackson – Michael in Bossa (bossa nova)


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Michael Jackson – Michael in Bossa

01. Billie Jean – Barbara Mendes
02. Beat It – Cris Delanno
03. Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough – Cris Delanno
04. Human Nature – Marcela Mangabeira
05. Rock With You – Marcela Mangabeira
06. Baby Be Mine – Rachelle Spring
07. Lady In My Life – Eduardo Braga
08. Off The Wall – Eduardo Braga
09. Thriller – Lulu Joppert
10. Wanna Be Starting Something – Lulu Joppert
11. Man In The Mirror – Paulinho Loureiro
12. The Girl Is Mine – Paulinho Loureiro
13. Remember The Time – Monique Kessous
14. I Can’t Help It – Deco Fiori

The Ramones – Bossa N’ Ramones

01- Intro
02- Here Today, Gone Tomorow
03- I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
04- I Just Want To Have Something To Do
05- She’s A Sensation
06- Poison Heart
07- Beat On The Brat
08- I Wanna Be Sedated
09- Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
10- Rockaway Beach
11- Pet Sematary
12- Blitzkrieg Bop
13- The KKK Took My Baby Away
14- Outro

Bossa N’ U2

01 Pride (In The Name Of Love)
02 Stay (Faraway So Close)
03 Sweetest Thing
04 Bad
05 One
06 New Years Day
07 Sunday Bloody Sunday
08 Angel Of Harlem
09 I Still Havent Found What Im Lo
10 With Or Without You
11 Staring At The Sun
12 Beautiful Day


01. Amazonics – Redemption Song
02. Urban Love feat. Astrud C. & Moana – No Woman No Cry
03. Freedom Dub – Buffalo Soldier
04. Sao Vicente feat. Marlene – I Shot The Sheriff
05. Michelle Simonal – Stir It Up
06. Trippynova – Sun Is Shining
07. Trippynova – Positive Vibration
08. Groove Da Praia – Is This Love
09. Sawa – Get Up Stand Up
10. Anakelly – One Love
11. Banda Do Sul feat. Sawa – Could You Be Loved
12. Ituana – Waiting In Vain


1 – Doce vampiro (Rita Lee)
2 – Baila comigo (Roberto de Carvalho – Rita Lee)
3 – Mutante (Roberto de Carvalho – Rita Lee)
4 – Alô! Alô! Marciano (Roberto de Carvalho – Rita Lee)
5 – Every breath you take (Sting)
6 – Desculpe o auê (Roberto de Carvalho – Rita Lee)
7 – Cry me a river (A.Hamilton)
8 – Perto do fogo (Cazuza – Rita Lee)
9 – It’s only rock and roll (Jagger – Richard)
10- Shangrilá (Roberto de Carvalho – Rita Lee)
11- Ovelha negra (Rita Lee)
12- The fool on the hill (McCartney – Lennon)
13- Jardins da Babilônia (Lee Marcucci – Rita Lee)
14- Miss Brasil 2000 (Lee Marcucci – Rita Lee)
15- Vírus do amor (Roberto de Carvalho – Rita Lee)
16- Corre-corre (Roberto de Carvalho – Rita Lee)
17- Lança perfume (Roberto de Carvalho – Rita Lee)
18- Mania de você (Roberto de Carvalho – Rita Lee)


01. Hard Day’s Night
02. With a Little Help from My Friends
03. If I Fell
04. All My Loving
05. She Loves You
06. Michelle
07. In My Life
08. Here, There, and Everywhere
09. I Want to Hold Your Hand
10. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
11. Pra Você Eu Digo Sim (If I Fell)
12. Minha Vida (In My Life)


track list:
Bossa N ‘Roses

01. Intro [00:18]
02. Patience – Sixth Finger Feat.Dew (Cool Wave Mix) [05:12]
03. Sweet Child O´mine – Banda Do Sul Feat Natascha [04:15]
04. Paradise City – Scubba (Vibes Edition) [03:15]
05. November Rain – Ghetto Blaster Ltd. (B&H Version) [04:51]
06. You Could Be Mine – Glambeats Corp. [04:12]
07. Knockin´ On Heaven´s Door – United Rhythms Of Brazil [05:04]
08. Since I Don´T Have You – Amazonics (Single Edit) [03:33]
09. Don´t Cry – Sao Vicente Feat Ituana [03:57]
10. Welcome To The Jungle – Freedom Dub (808 Remix) [03:45]
11. It´s So Easy – Natalie Renoir & Dj Leao [03:14]
12. Used To Love Her – Groove Da Praia (New Vocal Mix) [03:21]
13. Live And Let Die – Anekka (Rua Do Cosmos Mix) [03:19]
14. Outro [00:36]


this is lady gagas “just dance”ft akon thrilling everyone over the unforgettable beats of michael jacksons “THRILLER”

respects to dj gizmo for this one

it will blow your mind!

tracks featuring eminem, gwen stefani, beyonce, gorillaz, aerosmith rihanna and more

1. wanna be starting something
2. baby be mine
3. the girl is mine ft Paul Mccartney
4. thriller
5. beat it ft Eminem
6. billie jean
7. human nature
8. pyt (pretty young thing)
9. the lady in my life

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